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This post is one that is awkward and fun for me at the same time. I love skincare and skincare products but honestly, with eczema it can feel like a chore. My skin dries easier than I would like and it scars easily without the added benefit of healing in an appealing way. As you can see above, I have dark spots on my face that aren’t in very appealing places. That aside, I have been told I have very soft skin. Part of that is because I have to go above and beyond to keep my skin moisturized. For my skin I try to moisturize when my skin is still damp. Since my pores are open it holds the moisture better. Another tip is to use body oil and lotion mixed together. Use a lotion that isn’t too runny and doesn’t have a strong smell to it. Just put a small pump (or squeeze) of lotion in the palm of your hand, pour a little oil, and mix it together slightly. You’ll get moisture from the lotion and a nice glow from the oil.

On my face I use a lot of Neutrogena products. The water gel and alcohol-free toner helps refresh my skin and aids in retaining moisture. Water based essences also help pack in moisture. The water based essence from Boscia is a brand of essence I swear by. Right now I’m trying a new one that is also a water formula by Laneige so we’ll see how that goes. Facial brushes are also a must! They really can be the difference between silky smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom. It helps remove the dead skin and cleans deeper than your hands can get. There are some that are very expensive but I didn’t buy that, I’m too cheap. Instead I ordered one off of Amazon for around 20 something dollars and it works really well.


Now I have a confession to make: one of my favorite things to do is use a moisturizing mask but gel or paper masks are my guilty pleasures! They are soothing and there are sooo many different types out there that cater to different things. It’s a facial in a small pack.


(Pictured below is what I use every night before bed)


My night time routine is definitely more consistent than my morning routine. That may or may not be because I’m not a morning person. When I AM consistent, I keep it simple. I wash my face, cleanse with toner, and apply a moisturizer that contains Spf. Right now that’s Aveeno daily moisturizer since it is for sensitive skin.


One thing I am trying to figure out is what I can do to help fade dark spots. Most products irritate my skin so I am looking into natural options. If you have any ideas let me know in the comments below. I’ll post an update when I try new products and/or suggestions. In the meantime…

Stay fluffy my friends 🐑


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