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This is my…confession

I’ll be honest I’ve struggled a lot over the years with body image. We’ve seen a lot of fads and trends in the last decade and body shape is one of them. Being built like a high fashion model or instagram model seem to be the two things society wants all women/men to look like but it’s a standard most of us will never reach. Why? Because we’re all different! I’m 5’11 and identify as fluffy but I own it and I’m unapologetic about it.

Recent years has seen more acceptance of the diversity between women/men and honestly it’s about time. There are a number of factors that play a part in the way different people are built. Pregnancy, fitness, health issues, or even genetics play a role in how we look.

Me and virtually anyone I’ve ever met struggles with body image. One thing I’ve observed is that (to a degree) we bully ourselves just as much as society does. When someone points out a “flaw” in us, we are quick to agree. I’ve been there and found it hard getting out of that habit. Don’t be your own worst enemy.

There were times I would come home and list alll the things I wish I could change about myself and didn’t like. It was a pity party that never should of happened but became a habit. We become addicted to our own self-hate and it’s a twisted relationship that results in nothing but more pain and hurt. Start looking at things you do like about yourself and embracing it. Play off of it. I don’t just mean the physical things but the emotional and mental sides of yourself.

What helped me was loving the inside and that allowed me to better love the outside. I’m a nurturing person and realized that even though I wasn’t confident in myself I have the ability to nurture things in others. I’m able to make those around me feel comfortable and I love that. Over time my other good qualities shown thru and I realized that I’m actually pretty cool. Building your self-esteem doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a continual process that happens your whole life. Make the decision to realize just how amazing you are and flaunt it. Live it and OWN IT! There is only ONE amazing, beautiful, awesome, incredible, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious YOU ❤❤❤

4 thoughts on “This is my…confession

  1. Great post, Keyra! ❤
    I love the memes! Your posts are always just so entertaining no matter how serious the issue is…
    I think I'm slightly in love with you in a totally non-creepy way 😉

    Keep spreading the love ❤

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