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Put Some Respect On My…

I hate that this something that even needs to be said but it is so I’ll speak on it. It is never okay to discriminate against someone because of their size or how they look. We all have a type and that’s okay. This isn’t preschool, you don’t have to give valentines to everyone so they don’t feel left out. Most people are fully aware that they may or may not be your type. The issue lies in when you let your attraction for someone (lack thereof) become an excuse to disrespect, degrade, or be rude to someone.

The level of respect you give a person should not be linked to whether or not you want to date or mate. Thinking that this is okay is an issue that not many people like to acknowledge. The sad truth is that there are a lot of people who get treated differently because of this. Sexuality and Race are hot topic discussions that are very much in the forefront of everyone’s mind and rightly so but what we should not do is overlook other injustices that need to be addressed as well.

I personally have been subjected to rude and sometimes downright disrespectful treatment simply because I wasn’t looked at as someone they were attracted to. I’ve been the friend that had doors slammed in my face because a guy was so busy ogling my friend they didn’t even notice I was there. I’ve had people rush through providing me decent service and cater to someone they were clearly attracted to so I know how hurtful it can be. My experiences are not unique to just me but has happened to other people I know as well. It’s wrong point.blank.period.

No person should have to feel like they need to look or be a certain way just to receive the same level of respect that is being afforded to others. There are enough things out there in the world that try to convince people they are not good enough or living their lives the way they should. We fight everyday to be confident and ignore all the negativity going on around us. Can you understand the feeling of having someone ignore you when they’re standing right in front of you? Or the feeling of seeing that same person walk past you in order to do something for someone else despite being right in front of them?

If it looks like a duck…etc…it is a duck. No one should think it’s okay to treat you or anyone else less than human. Take back your power and respect. Don’t be afraid to call people out and demand the respect you deserve. If the service your received is sub par, tell them. Walk in confidence and know that you don’t need to justify wanting the best for yourself.

I have seen too many women, men, girls, and boys become victims because they are different. Bullying doesn’t stop, the bullies change and the way they bully do. We have to stand up for ourselves and show others that it stops here. They don’t hold power over you. The way others treat you does not define the type of person you are.

No matter what, always remember your worth. You are priceless. No one can change that. I’m not sure who this post will reach or if it will reach anyone at all but I hope that someone (even if only one person) will be encouraged to keep pushing forward and is able to stand up and own just how incredible of a person they are.


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