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Focus On the Goal and the Path Ahead

Have you ever played UNO? Getting a draw 4 is something everyone hopes to get but it’s only a good card if you use it at the right time. You can get a hand full of nothing but number cards and still UNO out before everyone else. It’s about how you use the cards and how you play the game. Don’t let yourself become distracted by what you don’t have. Look at it as I don’t have it YET but I WILL. Have faith in God’s purpose AND his timing.

I know how unfair it seems. I’ve been there. In school I saw so many kids wearing jordans and polo. I was so jealous and wanted to have it too. I got picked on for having regular uniform shirts and not rocking the latest j’s. I didn’t realize how much more my mom was doing for me because I was so concerned with not having what the kids around me did. What I didn’t know was, some of them didn’t have food at home or had bills go unpaid just to have the clothes and shoes they had. Instead of investing in what mattered, they sacrificed to have the material things they put so much stock in. If your lights are off so you can wear the newest shoes there are some priorities that need rearranging.

I learned later on that I had to focus on what I needed to do for me to be happy and at peace with my life. Your goals are attainable. You dreams can become your reality but the amount of work to get it depends on you. There are many things we can’t control in life. Some of the things we deal with are things we come into this world attached to. You can’t help those things and there is no point in focusing on them. What you can do it work on the things you can do. Your actions and the work ethic you have are things you can control. You have the choice of putting in as little work as possible or digging in your heels and getting the job done.

Do what needs to be done and don’t worry about the other people running this race. First place is nice but if you’re only focusing on how fast other people are running you’ve already lost. The people who succeed are people who create their own lanes. One of my favorite artists is Prince.

He had the ability to reinvent himself over and over again but still be completely himself. His style, his music, and his personality all made up layers that made him an amazing artist. You might compare people to him but rarely have I heard him compared to others. There are plenty of great artists out there but no one who can capture his essence just like there is no one like you. You have something no one can ever come close to having or being. Winning doesn’t always mean having the same opportunities as other people and not having the same opportunities doesn’t mean you will lose. Your success does have a direct relation to how much effort you put into achieving it. Never stop striving for what you want.

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