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Quickie: My Top 5 Tips for Dating

I think we can all agree that dating kind of sucks in this day and age. You never know who’s playing games and who’s really looking to make a connection. One thing I’ve learned is that making a list can help make things easier. That’s why I came up with a list a of things that can make your dating life a little simpler to navigate.

In this video I cover 5 tips that have helped me and hopefully they help you too! Let me know what you think. Don’t forget to like, share, and follow.


Love you beautiful people!

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Unboxing Part 2 (Summer Haul)

Okay so as promised here is my post on my second unboxing but this time there’s a twist! The company I am trying out this time is Gwynnie Bee. Unlike Dia & Co., I didn’t try the full service because they are a bit pricier compared to my budget. Since I am trying the 30 day trial you can only try two things at a time. I’m not too upset about that because the way they do their boxing service is different.

With Dia & Co. you try on the five items sent in your box and get five days to try them on before sending them back. If you do not want everything in your box be sure to send back what you don’t want within the time frame. If you use Gwynnie Bee it acts an online closet of sorts. You are basically renting the clothes that you wear for a set price each month. If hearing the word rent turns you off, remember a lot of celebrities do essentially the same thing when attending events. So just think of yourself as an A-list celebrity trying on brands from different companies.

Gwynnie Bee allows you to pick items you really like online or using the app and you add them to your online closet. If you’re especially fond of something, be sure to mark it as top priority in order to increase the likelihood that it is what they send to you first. Their pricing is based on the number of items you can check out at a time. For example, to have three items out at a time means you would be paying $95 a month.

I will include a picture below of how the pricing works:


As you can see, the pricing is not for the faint of heart but it might be worth trying first for 30 days like I did and deciding for yourself whether it is a service you want to continue. It’s my goal to try several of these types of services and give my honest opinion of it. Besides, who doesn’t the idea of shopping made easy. Just like Dia & Co., you can send these back, exchange them, and buy them a lower retail price if you fall in love with it.

Now, time for the juicy stuff! When you receive your box it should come in a box like this:


Purple is my favorite color so I was oddly excited that my return bag was purple. Inside the box is a cute little letter, the purple return bag, and your clothes are wrapped in purple tissue paper. For my first box, I opted for two dresses. One is a denim dress and the other is a light almost washed out blue colored dress.

This is the denim dress:


Here is the other dress:


On the models both of these dresses seemed like great additions to my wardrobe. The reviews on the first dress were mixed so I decided it would be best to see for myself. I was not completely against the idea of liking it because I’ve been wanting a dress like it for a while now. The second dress had virtually no good reviews. Most of the reviews I read either centered on the fact that the corset-belt was not tight enough around the waist of the dress or they felt that the dress made them look shapeless. I held fairly high hopes for the first dress and just sent up a prayer for the second one.

Item #1- Plenty dress by Tracy Reese



The dress itself is well made and the color is identical to the picture on the website. I also feel that if you have a fuller bosom, this dress would compliment it well and emphasize the cleavage. If you have a little more to love around the midsection, do not be afraid of this dress. It is fairly roomy in the stomach area so it will probably hug your belly without making it the focal point of your outfit.


As you can see, this dress fit me nothing like it did the model. This dress was the one I was most excited for but did not end up liking. At first I thought maybe I had ordered a size too big but some areas were a little snug while others were loose. If I¬†had¬†gone down a size, I’m sure that it would be too tight. Sizing aside, the fit itself is a bit problematic. I believe that part of it has to do with my shape. The bottom half of the dress fit fairly well but the top half of the dress swallowed me. Despite my wide hips, my waist is somewhat small in comparison. This means that even though the dress was able to accommodate my hips, it was not made to fit a waist that is not as wide as the hips themselves. Some people disliked the split so I’ll mention. I personally didn’t find this to be very problematic.

Item #2- Front Tie Corset Tiered Sleeve Blue Dress2018-05-29_168445476072098829466.jpg20180518_1912363083752941633098900.jpg


If you can’t tell by my poses, I was getting my life in this dress! It gave me a medieval feel mixed with a little bit of flower child.¬†Although some people felt that this dressed swallowed them up, I felt that it fit my body just right. There are three types of dresses that I love: flowy, body-con, and maxi. This dress had all the frills and flow I could want. It didn’t feel baggy on me or heavy. The material was nice and surprisingly had very little wrinkles on it. The dress had a very feminine feel to it and made me feel girly (contrary to popular belief, I am definitely a tomboy). If you have larger breast and don’t feel the need to emphasize your rear-end this dress leaves a good deal of room up top. I feel that one of the biggest pros is that this dress is diverse. It can fit in a lot of different style categories.


The belted part does not tighten so if you are looking for a more cinched look, this dress is not the one for you. The color of the dress is also a little darker than the one the model is wearing.


Final Verdict:

I definitely feel that it is worth trying the 30 day trial. Getting the subscription itself is still to be determined. The biggest factor turning me away from investing in this service is the price range. While the items you receive are of great quality, the pricing is not feasible if you are on a tight budget. I also feel that the selection of items is fairly limited in terms of diversity. Most of the clothes I’ve seen appear to be for women who wear a lot of busness attire.

I do like that they apply sizing suggestions for all the clothes you look at based on the size you entered. It is also convenient to be able to see what it is that will be sent to in your next box. Having more input in what is sent to you is definitely a plus. Another upside to this service is that you can recycle the same clothes back. You can also keep the clothes for as long as you want. They even dry clean the clothes you send back you don’t have to worry about washing them yourselves. Shipping is also free so you don’t have to worry your pretty little head over that!

I will be sending back both dresses soon, so I will be sure to update you guys on the next set of clothes I receive. If you decide to try this service for yourself let me know in the comments. If there are any other services you want me to try just shoot me a comment with the name of the company. Hopefully you enjoyed this post and it was informative. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. Don’t forget to please like, comment, share, and follow me for more content! Tell your friends, family, coworkers, or a random stranger (I’m not picky) to check out my blog as well!



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Learning To Love You #L2LU

Day 2

Today marks Day number to of my 30 day Learning To Love You challenge and the topic for today is selfishness.

So……being selfish. It’s a bad thing right? By definition, being selfish means:

‚óŹ Being concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others.

This is according to Merriam-webster’s definition but their definition seems a bit pessimistic so let’s look at it another way:

‚óŹ Being selfish means being concerned with oneself and seeking or concentrating on one’s own well-being. (At least that’s how I look at it….sometimes)

While there are cases where being selfish can be a bad thing, there are times where being selfish is necessary. There are times where your physical/mental/spiritual health depends on you being selfish. Your well-being is important and helping others can mean very little if it means you never help yourself. You can become drained and eventually lose sight of yourself if you don’t take time for yourself.

It’s important to take time for¬†you.¬†Rediscover what is important to you or finally take the chance to find out. Trust me, it’s easy to look up one day and realize years have passed and you are still no closer to your dreams, your goals, or just genuine happiness. Don’t go through the motions and let life flash past you like a cheesy movie montage. Live out those moments to the fullest. Take note of those moments and treasure them.

I know that life happens. We all don’t have the luxury of just picking up and deciding to go. There’s bills, spouses, children, family, and all kinds of other things that take up a large amount of priority in your life. I’m not writing any of that off because that’s how life works. What I want you to see is that you deserve to still be present in your own life. You have the option of being the main character or being a supporting character. Contrary to popular belief, you can be a supporting character in your own life.

What I want you to do is to write down just one thing you wish you could do. Something simple that will make help you unwind and something that you know you are capable of doing. Once you write it down set aside a specific time/day to do it.¬†Do not postpone doing it!¬†Instead, make sure you do it as soon as possible. It’s something I’ve done plenty of times to remind myself to slow down and not take life for granted.

Need suggestions? Try doing a sheet mask! Most of them take as little as 15 minutes. Take 15 minutes to just lie down with the mask on and think about something soothing.


(Yes…I know you’ve seen this picture once before but you get the point)

Try grabbing food from a place you’ve always wanted to try out but no one else was brave enough to try. For me that was Korean food. I tried it once and loved it. After that I got my cousin to try it and she fell in love with it too.


Try on an outfit you’ve been too shy to wear and go somewhere! If a night on the town isn’t your speed, wear it to a bookstore or cafe. You’d be surprised how many outfits you could slay in but have been too afraid to try. If an outfit is too tall an order to fill, try rocking some jewelry you haven’t had a chance to rock yet. Let me know what you’re going to do or if you decide to take the challenge. No pressure.


This challenge isn’t about letting the whole world see it but about allowing yourself to believe in the fact that you deserve to get back to loving you! If seeing my journey can help you decide to take this journey too, I’m happy. Let’s do it!

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Focus On the Goal and the Path Ahead

Have you ever played UNO? Getting a draw 4 is something everyone hopes to get but it’s only a good card if you use it at the right time. You can get a hand full of nothing but number cards and still UNO out before everyone else. It’s about how you use the cards and how you play the game. Don’t let yourself become distracted by what you don’t have. Look at it as I don’t have it YET but I WILL. Have faith in God’s purpose AND his timing.

I know how unfair it seems. I’ve been there. In school I saw so many kids wearing jordans and polo. I was so jealous and wanted to have it too. I got picked on for having regular uniform shirts and not rocking the latest j’s. I didn’t realize how much more my mom was doing for me because I was so concerned with not having what the kids around me did. What I didn’t know was, some of them didn’t have food at home or had bills go unpaid just to have the clothes and shoes they had. Instead of investing in what mattered, they sacrificed to have the material things they put so much stock in. If your lights are off so you can wear the newest shoes there are some priorities that need rearranging.

I learned later on that I had to focus on what I needed to do for me to be happy and at peace with my life. Your goals are attainable. You dreams can become your reality but the amount of work to get it depends on you. There are many things we can’t control in life. Some of the things we deal with are things we come into this world attached to. You can’t help those things and there is no point in focusing on them. What you can do it work on the things you can do. Your actions and the work ethic you have are things you can control. You have the choice of putting in as little work as possible or digging in your heels and getting the job done.

Do what needs to be done and don’t worry about the other people running this race. First place is nice but if you’re only focusing on how fast other people are running you’ve already lost. The people who succeed are people who create their own lanes. One of my favorite artists is Prince.

He had the ability to reinvent himself over and over again but still be completely himself. His style, his music, and his personality all made up layers that made him an amazing artist. You might compare people to him but rarely have I heard him compared to others. There are plenty of great artists out there but no one who can capture his essence just like there is no one like you. You have something no one can ever come close to having or being. Winning doesn’t always mean having the same opportunities as other people and not having the same opportunities doesn’t mean you will lose. Your success does have a direct relation to how much effort you put into achieving it. Never stop striving for what you want.