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Blogging Through Podcasts (Under Construction)

Hello you wonderful people! This post is meant to just be a quick update. I have been seriously M.I.A lately and that is because I am seriously under construction in a lot of ways right now. I want to develop this blog into something a little more visual, verbal, and also keep with the written part of what blogging is all about. Unfortunately I don’t have the funds at this moment to upgrade to the plan needed for my vision. Don’t fret though! I am putting things in place and soon I will be back better than ever. So please please please stay tuned for more. If you really miss me, make sure you are following my on Instagram @keyradominique and you can also keep up with what’s going on my liking and visiting my model page on Facebook (also Keyra Dominique). For now I am dropping a few links to my podcast ‘Vitamin Key’ which you can find on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Anchor.



Thanks for the patience, love, and support!



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Unboxing Part 2 (Summer Haul)

Okay so as promised here is my post on my second unboxing but this time there’s a twist! The company I am trying out this time is Gwynnie Bee. Unlike Dia & Co., I didn’t try the full service because they are a bit pricier compared to my budget. Since I am trying the 30 day trial you can only try two things at a time. I’m not too upset about that because the way they do their boxing service is different.

With Dia & Co. you try on the five items sent in your box and get five days to try them on before sending them back. If you do not want everything in your box be sure to send back what you don’t want within the time frame. If you use Gwynnie Bee it acts an online closet of sorts. You are basically renting the clothes that you wear for a set price each month. If hearing the word rent turns you off, remember a lot of celebrities do essentially the same thing when attending events. So just think of yourself as an A-list celebrity trying on brands from different companies.

Gwynnie Bee allows you to pick items you really like online or using the app and you add them to your online closet. If you’re especially fond of something, be sure to mark it as top priority in order to increase the likelihood that it is what they send to you first. Their pricing is based on the number of items you can check out at a time. For example, to have three items out at a time means you would be paying $95 a month.

I will include a picture below of how the pricing works:


As you can see, the pricing is not for the faint of heart but it might be worth trying first for 30 days like I did and deciding for yourself whether it is a service you want to continue. It’s my goal to try several of these types of services and give my honest opinion of it. Besides, who doesn’t the idea of shopping made easy. Just like Dia & Co., you can send these back, exchange them, and buy them a lower retail price if you fall in love with it.

Now, time for the juicy stuff! When you receive your box it should come in a box like this:


Purple is my favorite color so I was oddly excited that my return bag was purple. Inside the box is a cute little letter, the purple return bag, and your clothes are wrapped in purple tissue paper. For my first box, I opted for two dresses. One is a denim dress and the other is a light almost washed out blue colored dress.

This is the denim dress:


Here is the other dress:


On the models both of these dresses seemed like great additions to my wardrobe. The reviews on the first dress were mixed so I decided it would be best to see for myself. I was not completely against the idea of liking it because I’ve been wanting a dress like it for a while now. The second dress had virtually no good reviews. Most of the reviews I read either centered on the fact that the corset-belt was not tight enough around the waist of the dress or they felt that the dress made them look shapeless. I held fairly high hopes for the first dress and just sent up a prayer for the second one.

Item #1- Plenty dress by Tracy Reese



The dress itself is well made and the color is identical to the picture on the website. I also feel that if you have a fuller bosom, this dress would compliment it well and emphasize the cleavage. If you have a little more to love around the midsection, do not be afraid of this dress. It is fairly roomy in the stomach area so it will probably hug your belly without making it the focal point of your outfit.


As you can see, this dress fit me nothing like it did the model. This dress was the one I was most excited for but did not end up liking. At first I thought maybe I had ordered a size too big but some areas were a little snug while others were loose. If I had gone down a size, I’m sure that it would be too tight. Sizing aside, the fit itself is a bit problematic. I believe that part of it has to do with my shape. The bottom half of the dress fit fairly well but the top half of the dress swallowed me. Despite my wide hips, my waist is somewhat small in comparison. This means that even though the dress was able to accommodate my hips, it was not made to fit a waist that is not as wide as the hips themselves. Some people disliked the split so I’ll mention. I personally didn’t find this to be very problematic.

Item #2- Front Tie Corset Tiered Sleeve Blue Dress2018-05-29_168445476072098829466.jpg20180518_1912363083752941633098900.jpg


If you can’t tell by my poses, I was getting my life in this dress! It gave me a medieval feel mixed with a little bit of flower child. Although some people felt that this dressed swallowed them up, I felt that it fit my body just right. There are three types of dresses that I love: flowy, body-con, and maxi. This dress had all the frills and flow I could want. It didn’t feel baggy on me or heavy. The material was nice and surprisingly had very little wrinkles on it. The dress had a very feminine feel to it and made me feel girly (contrary to popular belief, I am definitely a tomboy). If you have larger breast and don’t feel the need to emphasize your rear-end this dress leaves a good deal of room up top. I feel that one of the biggest pros is that this dress is diverse. It can fit in a lot of different style categories.


The belted part does not tighten so if you are looking for a more cinched look, this dress is not the one for you. The color of the dress is also a little darker than the one the model is wearing.


Final Verdict:

I definitely feel that it is worth trying the 30 day trial. Getting the subscription itself is still to be determined. The biggest factor turning me away from investing in this service is the price range. While the items you receive are of great quality, the pricing is not feasible if you are on a tight budget. I also feel that the selection of items is fairly limited in terms of diversity. Most of the clothes I’ve seen appear to be for women who wear a lot of busness attire.

I do like that they apply sizing suggestions for all the clothes you look at based on the size you entered. It is also convenient to be able to see what it is that will be sent to in your next box. Having more input in what is sent to you is definitely a plus. Another upside to this service is that you can recycle the same clothes back. You can also keep the clothes for as long as you want. They even dry clean the clothes you send back you don’t have to worry about washing them yourselves. Shipping is also free so you don’t have to worry your pretty little head over that!

I will be sending back both dresses soon, so I will be sure to update you guys on the next set of clothes I receive. If you decide to try this service for yourself let me know in the comments. If there are any other services you want me to try just shoot me a comment with the name of the company. Hopefully you enjoyed this post and it was informative. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. Don’t forget to please like, comment, share, and follow me for more content! Tell your friends, family, coworkers, or a random stranger (I’m not picky) to check out my blog as well!



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QTTH aka Quick Tricks, Tips, or Hacks

Welcome to my new segment which I like to call…*drum roll*.. QTTH aka quick tricks, tips, or hacks. Every week I’ll post a few tips, maybe some tricks, and probably some hacks. It’ll be largely random so don’t expect much rhyme or reason (don’t judge). Instead I’ll be sure to post some things I found have helped me. I might even try some new things and let you know whether they’re even worth trying yourself and possibly give a better alternative for it. With that being said, let’s get into it!

Tip #1:

I don’t know about anyone else but when you eat eggs there is a fine balance between underseasoned and overseasoned: and there is nothing worse than eating eggs that have been overseasoned. Faced with this issue what do you do?! It’s simple! When you crack your eggs and place it in the bowl done scramble them up yet.

They shouldn’t look like this:

They should look like this:

The reason I do this is because I can see how evenly my seasoning is being spread. Now, take a pinch of salt and spring it on each individual egg yolk. You should be able to see how much salt is on each yolk. For me, a pinch and a half is the sweet spot. Take on pinch and sprinkle a little evenly on each yolk. Then take a half a pinch and sprinkle it in the areas around the yolk. Now you can scramble it in the bowl or in the pan itself. You should end up with scrambled eggs that are delicious each time. If they aren’t salty enough for you, add half a pinch of salt more each time until it’s salty enough for you. Since I’ve started doing this, my eggs are seasoned right every time.

Tip #2

Eating healthier is something I think most of us struggle with. One of the first things you learn when changing up your diet is healthier options for what you usually eat. An example of this is substituting ground turkey for ground beef. For instance, if you’re making spaghetti, you would sub out ground beef for ground turkey.

If you’re like me, that’s a great idea in theory, but I am not a huge fan of the taste of ground turkey. Sliced turkey is a wonderful thing but ground turkey as a substitute just feels wrong to me. It’s quite the dilemma. One day I found myself in the grocery store and low and behold I came across beef bouillon. For those of you who do not know, bouillon cubes are cubes of concentrated stock, used for making bouillon. It can also be found in a powder form that is easier to use. Bouillon is

a broth made by stewing meat, fish, or vegetables in water.

In other words beef bouillon and beef bouillon cubes are a wonderful thing that should not be underestimated. I’ve used chicken bouillon cubes in the past but never had a need for beef bouillon cubes. Since you know, I was eating as much beef as I wanted. Alas, a change in my diet meant I needed to cut back on beef. The great thing about ground turkey is that is cooks without hardly any grease (if any) and it’s actually easier to cook with. It takes way more effort to burn ground turkey. Just in case you want to try this tip out and don’t know what you’re looking for here’s an example of what it looks like:

Pictured below is the wonderful beef bouillon in powder form:

You can usually find it in any grocery store but not always in the same section. Typically they can be found on the aisle where seasonings are or broths and stocks.

When you use bouillon you don’t have to use a lot because the flavor goes a looong way. When you incorporate it in your ground turkey be sure to work it in with your hands so that the flavor is spread throughout the meat. DO NOT be afraid to get your hands dirty. The darkness of the bouillon contrasts well with the lightness of turkey so you’re able to see how much you’ve sprinkled over the meat.

You can also try adding a few drops of Worcestershire sauce or liquid smoke. Liquid smoke is a magical bottle of hopes and dreams that does wonders for all sorts of meat but only use it and the Worcestershire sauce for things like burgers, hotdogs, or bbq types of meats. Beef bouillon is diverse in that it can be used for burgers, pasta dishes, turkey loaf, or pretty much anything you would use ground turkey for. I’ll drop a picture of liquid smoke below for you to see:

Last but not least is tip#3:

This last tip is for those of us who use thick lotion like me. With my eczema it is extremely necessary for me to use a lotion with a formula that is thick. It has to be thick so that it lasts long and moisturizes deep. The downside of that is that it’s so thick it’s hard to spread and as a result I use waaay more than I want to. What I find helps me, is using something we all should have in our house and is completely free!

*deep breath* Water

Yes, water! The key is to not use a lot but just enough to help spread out the lotion on water body part you’re moisturizing at the time. I use a spray bottle to make things easier.

What I do is squirt some lotion on my hand and apply to what I’m moisturizing. Once applied, spray the water twice on the area with the lotion and on the places surrounding it that you need to lotion. You can also pour about a cap full of water if you don’t have a spray bottle. Don’t go overboard! You don’t want to thin out your lotion too much since it will defeat the purpose.

Something I also use is oil or oil gel. If you want the benefits of the magnificent glow that oil provides without that extra greasy feeling, I suggest diffusing it with your lotion. Try to shy away from mixing it with your strongly scented lotions. Instead opt for lotions that are unscented or that have a small scent that won’t be very overpowering. All you need a one or two nickel-sized drops in the middle of your palm where your lotion is.

My personal

favorites to use are:

What I love about the last two are that you can use them for hair, nails, and scalp. It’s more bang for your buck and when you use it for your skin, adding it to your lotion stretches it for longer.

I hope these tips for helpful! If so let me know in the comments below. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment if there are any tips you want to request. Also, please like, comment, share, and follow!

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Love You Without Hating Them

This post is inspired by a comment I saw recently on Instagram. Someone commented “this is what real women look like” on a post of a plus size blogger. Now I realize this was meant to be a compliment and it was meant as a way to uplift. I did not misunderstand the intent but still felt unsettled by it. Phrases like “real women” and “real bodies” are terms that have never really sat right with me because they are usually made in reference to plus size women or women who have a little more to love around the midsection.

As many of you know, I am a body positivity activist. I want people to love their bodies: period. While I do advocate for plus size people, that is mostly as a result of the fact that I am plus size myself. I recognize the need for people like me to see themselves represented in a positive way so that they can learn to feel the same about themselves. That does not mean that this desire extends ONLY to plus sized people.

There are many people who do not have positive body images of themselves. This problem is relevant to many people and is an issue that I recognize is not only relevant to one type of person. So when I hear or read things that emphasize any one body type as being “real” it makes me uncomfortable. It allows for a line to be drawn in the sand that helps no one but could potentially harm a lot of people. The image below is an example that shows just how diverse beauty can be. Which of them represents real beauty? Trick question. They all do. Every woman in this picture is a real woman that represents a real body that other women can identify with and see themselves in.

The body positivity movement was largely born as a result of a need for acceptance: self-acceptance and making society see that it needs to accept more body types as being beautiful. People who don’t fit society’s static idea of beauty wanted to see a shift in the narrative of what can and should be considered beautiful. The problem is, in an effort to fight for that acceptance, we isolate other people who fit into the traditional idea of beauty.

You’ve seen it before: skinny girl fat shames plus sized girl and/or plus sized girl shames skinny girl for being skinny. The fixation society has with pitting women against each other is sad. You see it all the time with movies. The skinny girl is made to be the bully and the fluffier girl is written as a character who is bullied. It’s no wonder that real life imitates this very toxic relationship. The difference is, now the bullying is being done by both parties and hiding behind a mask of positivity.

This leads me back to my original point about “real women” and “real bodies”. Who defines what real is? What makes me with all of my fluff, a more realistic version of what women look like? The very idea of what real women look like is flawed because we are all different. Not only that, but it rests more on the idea that women who don’t fit traditional ideas of beauty are flawed and therefore more authentic. It embraces the idea that a real woman is not the model you see on runways or on the cover of magazines. It excludes these women without considering their feelings and own issues with body image. It adds to the narrative instead of creating a new one.

I have a best friend who is skinny but eats like a horse. That is no exaggeration. She can eat me under the table any day and it’s largely because of genetics. Her metabolism is extremely fast so even if she slacks off from the gym for a couple of months, she’d be hard pressed to even gain a pound. By all accounts she checks off the list of all the things that make up a traditional beauty: thin but curvy, short but can photograph tall, gorgeous skin, and lovely hair. Still, as beautiful as she is, she struggles with body image. To others the very idea of someone like her not oozing self-confidence comes as a huge surprise, but it’s not uncommon for most women to struggle with body image.

Being plus sized does not mean we are the only ones who struggle to find the beauty in ourselves. Our struggle does not give us the right to insult other women or put them down in order to build ourselves up. A real woman is everyone woman. A real body is everybody. Our journey to self-love cannot be taken by putting down other people to do it. Body-shaming doesn’t just happen to women who are plus sized, it can also happen in the reverse. Placing your insecurities on others is unfair and whatever confidence is built as a result will be based on an extremely faulty foundation. All women are beautiful.

What we should strive for is inclusiveness not separation. I want to expand the idea of what is beautiful by helping others see their beautiful. You read that right. Their beautiful. Your beautiful. Own it and flaunt your beautiful. There is no one type of beauty, no “real beauty” or “real body”, but a beauty that is uniquely your own.

It’s possible to love yourself and not put down others in the process.